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About Marade Company

First, we bring people closer.

We believe that  video communication brings people together by closing the physical distance. With the heightened sense of closeness, we aim to create a global community where people from different social and cultural backgrounds can build relationships. 


Second, we believe video as ubiquitous borderless entertainment.

With the introduction of 5G, more video content will be consumed anywhere and anytime. We are confident that 

highly interactive live video content will be the place to create completely new entertainment like never before. 


Third, we specialize in video technology.

Marade is a technology-driven company with a strength in live video communication. In order to create a new product that’s never existed before, we are continuing to incorporate the most innovative and newest technologies in building our product.


Our progress

Marade means fun in Arabic and laughter in French. 
With the aim of creating more fun and laughter in our society, we've founded the company early 2019 and launched our beta version of Marade globally in May, 2019. Our team is moving fast and working hard to improve the product everyday.

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